Early Childhood Education & Care.

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Explore the CREATIONkids Curriculum

  • Comprehensive, Self-contained, Digital Curriculum for children ages 3-5.

  • All Units are 6 weeks in length, with the exception of Unit 1 which is 4 weeks
    long. A complete curriculum for 52
    weeks of the year.

  • The faith and spiritual development of young children is at the heart of CKC. It is a
    Biblically-based curriculum that shares
    the stories of the Bible in engaging
    and interactive ways.

  • "The lessons learned, the habits formed, during the years of infancy and childhood, have more to do with the formation of the character and the direction of the life than have all the instruction and training of the after years." - Ministry of Healing, p. 380. Character development is prevalent in all activities throughout the day.

  • CKC is based on research and evidence-based practices that have proven to help young
    children thrive and grow developmentally
    and academically.

  • A content-rich curriculum designed to meet the needs of diverse children and their families.

  • Designed to meet all of your instructional needs.

  • "Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning."
    - Fred Rogers, American television personality, 1928–2003.

  • Explore, Discover, Learn and Grow.

  • "It is the work of true education to...
    train the youth to be thinkers and
    not mere reflectors of other
    men's thoughts..."
    - Ellen White, Education